Saturday, January 29, 2011


If you've never used Waxoyl, it's an experience that everyone needs at some point.  Waxoyl, for those who don't know, is a wax that has, evidently, a very low melting point used to coat the inside of any closed areas that could be subject to rust.  You have to heat it up by putting it in the oven or on a hotplate...  or letting the can sit in hot water, which is what I did.  It was a learning experience.  I borrowed a can containing about 2 liters from Mike Darby and the applicator gun and hoses.  I heated the can like instructed, but I failed to warm up the frames at all.  it was kinda chilly in the garage and I think the Waxoyl just clotted up inside the frames..

To make a long story short, I made a mess, finally got the frames coated inside, I believe, by sitting them out in the sun the next day.  After I poured the excess Waxoyl out of the frames, I started installing them on the car.

 That made me feel really good..  I was finally making some noticeable progress. The Frames are new from E-Type Fabs in the UK and they fit PERFECTLY!!!.  There is a guy named Uryk that owns the company and is an absolute artist.  Whenever I look at these frames I marvel at the amazing perfection with which they are put together.... He is also a first class individual... so much so that I have now entered into a business venture with him to give E-Type Fabs a better presence in the U.S.  E-Type Fabs US .  I'm excited about the things to come with this relationship.

Rodney McDonald came over today and helped me continue assembling things.  We got the frames all fitted, sorted out which bolts went where, I'm not totally sure that I have them all right just yet, but I'm getting closer. We got the steering rack, sway bar and lower A-frames and their bushings mounted.  He was a huge help (he promised me that doing the interior was his long suit so I can't wait till we get started on that, because I'll need some expert help)  Maybe it doesn't sound like we did much, but I feel like we accomplished a lot.  It's starting to look like a car... and a beautiful car at that.

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  1. There was only one time that the truth was stretched in this post. Can you spot it?