Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm getting close now.

Yesterday, Stuart Waddington and Mike Darby came over to give me a hand installing the windshield (a daunting task, if you've never done it before). I got the windshield out of its storage spot and Stuart and I cleaned it thoroughly then installed the new seal around it. 
Mike (the experienced one) arrived to help put it on the car.  Even with all of Mike's experience, it was not a quick install. 
Once the seal is in place in the car, then there is a locking strip that has to fit inside the seal to tighten it around the glass and the body.  This rascal is difficult to say the least.  We even had the proper tool and it wasn't easy.  After probably 30-45 minutes we had it in and the windshield installation was just about finished.  I still have to install the chrome finishing strips in it but I'll do that in a few days.

 A couple of weeks ago, Stuart came over and we managed to check out all the electrics.  All of the taillights worked nicely, turn signals, brakes etc. I even installed an LED center brake light just below the tag.  The dash lights needed a little attention but it was easily worked out.  I can't check the horn until I get the bonnet on, but the horn relay clicks so I have to assume that the horns will blow.  We checked all of the gauges and found them all working.
 I installed the fuel sending unit and checked its operation.  The new "in tank" fuel pump from SNG Barratt was hooked up and made noise, so I assume it's working too.  The wiper motor was a problem however. It wouldn't run and we had already replaced the brushes in it. With some trepidation, I pulled the motor back out of the car. 
You wouldn't think that this would be a big deal, but there is a rod and a clip that you can barely reach inside the dash and if you mess it up, an unobtainable clip will fall into the bottom of the car where it can't be reached.  I know because I have already put one down there.  Thank goodness there was one on the '69 parts car to use, but there are no more.  The motor worked fine outside of the car, turns out, while looking at the dash upside down, I had hooked the switch up wrong... sigh...  Stuart found it, I was embarrassed. Anyway, it's all working now.

I have the engine ready to mount the transmission and lower the car down on top of it.  While doing that, I went ahead and did a test fitting of the new alternator bracket that I got from Ray Livingston.  It fit perfectly and looks outstanding.  I'll have to remove it so that the engine will fit between the frames during installation.but it should be very easy to reinstall.

Another recent accomplishment was to get all the mud guards and rock shields fitted. 

I'm still planning to drive it to Pensacola for their British Car Show on April 21.  Wish me luck.