Saturday, January 22, 2011

Not a very productive day day

I had a "real" job in Mobile today.  I was planning to shoot Quarterback drills to use in a recruitment video for a young high school football player...  drove over there only to find that the field that we were to use was occupied with a kicking camp.  The coach that had hired me to do this had failed to check on the availability of the field.  Nonetheless, the rest of the group had arrived when I discovered that I had locked my keys in the truck with all my camera equipment.  As it turned out though, the field was taken, the young quarterback had injured his shoulder yesterday and one of the receivers was not able to be there at the last minute.  So my locking my keys in the car was of no consequence...  unless you were my wife.  I had to call Donna and ask her to drive to Mobile and let me in my car.  Which she very graciously did.  After that, I went to Harbor Freight which was nearby and bought one of those vibrating machines that cleans nuts and bolts and small parts, so the trip wasn't entirely wasted.  When I got home, Donna and my sister were in the kitchen making bread.  Yumm.  By then it was mid afternoon.  I came out to the garage and put the vibrating thing together and threw some nuts and bolts in it.  turned it on and it was so loud that I will have to do it overnight when I'm in the house.
Other than that, I put the handbrake actuator together.  I had taken it apart yesterday cleaned it, sprayed it with some cadmium spray and let it dry overnight. It made a huge difference.

I started with a very rusty piece, functional... but rusty.  After about an hour or so's work, it's looking pretty good.

I'm not sure what I'll get started on next... tonight after dinner.  There is SO much to do it's hard to know just where to start...  maybe the wiring harness????  Hmmm

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  1. I'll bet you're gonna be amazed at how many pieces like this you will find needing last minute attention. It's looking good!