Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rough day in the garage

Have you ever spent half the day looking for something that you JUST  HAD IN YOUR HAND YESTERDAY????   I did that today.  Yesterday I found a bracket that goes under the bonnet. I wasn't quite ready to install it at that time so I put it somewhere so I would know where it was when I needed to install it.  Yeah, I spent most of the afternoon looking for it today. I couldn't find it so I just finally gave up and started on something else.  Remember that B-Post seal I spent so much time describing the other day?  I couldn't figure out why I had 2 extra seals.  I called BAS, the people that make premium Jaguar interiors and from whom I happened to have bought my interior and rubber body seal kit.  The guy there didn't know where the other 2 seals went either.  I spent quite a while looking at pictured of restorations on a number of websites..  I finally discovered where they went and also discovered that the ones I had installed in the B-Post were in backwards.  So I proceeded to remove them and re-install them correctly.  I fixed the one on the driver's side, then got a phone call.. and then fixed the one on the passenger side..  or so I thought.  Turns out, I reversed the driver's side seal twice and didn't touch the passenger side one.  So in essence, nothing changed and I had to do it all over again.  The two other seals go on the back side of the window frame...  in case you were wondering.
I got that project finished and went back to the bonnet for one last look for the bracket.  I looked down and there it was...  inside of the area behind where the headlight goes.  I'll install it tomorrow... if I can find it again.

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