Tuesday, January 18, 2011

finishing KoolMat

Today I worked some more on installing the KoolMat but first I had to make a quick trip to Mobile to get some stainless steel pop rivets and screws. One of the brackets that positions the trailing arm to the body had to be removed (pried off) when I was removing the rear suspension because it had rusted to the inner part of the trailing arm bushing.

To mount it back, I had to use steel pop rivets... Threaded Fasteners didn't have regular steel but they had stainless steel... even better I figured. I decided to remove the other bracket as well because it appeared to me that the PO had used aluminum rivets and I wasn't comfortable with that. Well... I got home and tried to rivet it with my rivet gun... not a chance, the gun was nowhere near powerful enough to pop the steel rivets. I called my usual savior, Mike Darby, he had a monster pop rivet gun (I presumed that he had experienced the same problem somewhere along the way). I drove to Mikes, and borrowed his souped up pop rivet gun. It worked like a champ.

In the meantime, Jerry, my painter, came by to look at the few things I had found that needed addressing. He agreed and will come here Friday to get to work on them.
After he left, I cut and glued a few more pieces of KoolMat down and got the handbrake out to measure how I needed to cut the KoolMat around it. At that point, I remembered, that was one of the things that I needed to get re-chromed. So started taking it apart.... Now let me tell you... the guy that designed this thing NEVER intended for it to come apart.

It took me over an hour and about half of that was just figuring HOW it came apart. My only hope is that I can get it back together.

Finally my hands are all washed and I'm sitting down to do my blog. Rodney would be proud.

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