Friday, January 21, 2011

Final Buffing

Today Jerry Tomecek, the guy that painted the Jag came over to do the final work on it.  He had just one run that wasn’t noticed until it got home.  He fixed it with a RAZOR BLADE!  Just scraped it right off, then a little sanding and buffing and it was totally gone.

Since I had the car on a rolling cart when I took it to him, he wasn’t able to sand and buff out the roof.  So once I got it here and on my lift, I was able to lower it down to a height that was easy to work  with.  Once he got here, he also noticed several small places that needed a little more attention so he spent the better part of the day here working on it.

In the meantime, I worked on restoring the handbrake pad actuator mechanism.  It was pretty nasty so I took it all apart (I’m almost confident that I can get it back together) cleaned it, soaked it in phosphoric acid to rid it of surface rust and such.  Then I sprayed it with some Eastwood cad coating.  Once that dries, I’ll put it back together.  I also worked on fairing the heater box and the air filter assembly.  Jerry offered to take them back home with him to paint for me.  He is very obviously a better painter than I.

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