Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Place Trophy

I know, I know...  it's been a LONG time since I have posted any new entries to this blog  I have no really legitimate excuses, it's certainly not because I haven't had anything to report. In my last post, I had almost finished the interior upholstery. That was in late September 2011.  The next thing that occurred in my garage was the annual Ice Cream Social that we host for 3 local British Car Clubs.  Donna and I prepare 8 gallons of homemade ice cream, many people bring their favorite toppings and cold drinks are provided by the South Alabama British Car Club.
  This year we had nearly 60 people to attend.

The Yard was full of British cars from Mobile, Pensacola, FL, Orange Beach  and a number of other places in our area and nobody went away hungry.

Just 3 weeks later, the South
Alabama British Car Club had their annual British Car Festival.  As I had still not received my new 5-speed transmission or rear brakes, I installed the rear suspension, sans brakes, and put 4 wheels on the Jag.

Two days before the show, a number of club members met at my garage to stuff the Goody Bags.  Afterwards, we shoved the Jag on a trailer.

The Bonnet stayed home and it was my intention to show people an E-Type like most of them had never seen.  No bonnet and no engine.  I removed the front wheels to show off the beautiful E-Type Fabs front brake calipers and disks.  i have to admit, it must have been a good idea, I had more people interested in what I had done and interested in seeing the "guts" of an E-Type that it made me think that maybe I should just stop here....  Not a chance!!!   I was awarded the First Place trophy for the "Restoration Class"... there were only 2 other cars in the class, but one was a magnificent MG-TC, so I was very happy

No sooner did I get the car back in the garage after the show and direct my attention toward earning a little money in my regular, job that I was hosting another SABCC event.  For the last few years, and with the help of a few members, I have converted my garage to an almost proper movie theatre, complete with a 12 ft. screen, a big popcorn machine candy and drinks.  We usually have nearly 50 club members come to watch the show and enjoy an evening out with friends and all they have to bring is a chair.  You can read all about it on Rodney's blog.  Once the smoke cleared from that event I was able to do a little more work on the Jag.

Fuel Line on the right.
Sticking out my tongue helps
I got the fuel line run from the tank to the front of the car.

Then I started tackling the brake lines.  I had Rodney's help getting this done and since it was the first time for me to bend brake tubing, I took my time. 
Stainless Steel Flexible brake line at rear

We were so pleased with the outcome that we felt that we deserved  to have a glass of Single Malt afterwards.