Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ride to Fairhope

Rodney came by this morning, we took the Jag out for good 8 or 10 mile run to get everything up to temperature and to see if we had managed to stop that pesky oil leak that was somehow leaving fair sized puddle of oil on top of the heater box, which is nowhere near any oil supply.  The best we could figure was the cam cover gasket.  I tightened them a couple more times to the point where I was afraid of going further in fear that's I'd strip some threads or crack the aluminum cam cover.  After our drive, we checked it and it appears that the leak has ceased.  Now, the only oil leak is one at the oil pan gasket.  Nothing to worry about, it drips slightly but no more than any other British car I've had anything to do with.
The clutch was releasing very near the floor such that if you weren't very deliberate with your left foot, you would grind a gear.  We put the car up on the lift and I adjusted the clutch a little. I also tightened the oil pan bolts another time, again, as tight as I dare, for fear of breaking something.  Next we tried to track down a clunking sound in the rear that would show up whenever the rear end would squat or when the car would go over a bumpy road (like my driveway).  We couldn't find anything definite, but it appears that it's nothing crucial.  I checked all the crucial stuff and it looks and feels good.

After feeling good about what we had accomplished, we set out to ride and shoot a little video of the car.  We headed to Scenic Hwy 98 and to Fairhope.  Enjoy the video... and the sound.  :-)

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  1. That looks great! That engine sounds so sweet.