Monday, August 27, 2012

Steering bushings turned to dust.

I got the Jag on the road the other day, after driving it for just a little while, I started noticing some up-down & side to side play in the steering column.  Then I noticed small pieces of plastic falling on my leg. The more I drove, the worse it got.  Obviously the bushings were coming apart.  I ordered a new set and they came in today. After cleaning the oven for Donna, I went to my lair to install these bushings.  I got the steering column out and bushings in.  Not too big of a job. There is a tiny bit of play that now doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the bushings. It could be the outside U joint or some slack in the rack. It is very minor, but probably noticeable now because I replaced the bushings inside. 
Steering wheel’s out.
I pulled the steering column out down to the first U-Joint at the firewall.
The bushings were crumbled to nothing.
Rebushed and ready to go back in.

All better now.

I’m knocking out the issues one by one.

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