Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Big "Thank You"

I have pretty much finished with my E--Type restoration.  I took it on a little shakedown trip yesterday of about 75 miles.  It ran like a top, had tons of power and rode nicely as well.  I was really impressed that all of the electrics worked perfectly and that gets a big "thank you" to Stuart Waddington for all of his expert help in getting everything hooked up right.  It was all new wiring and took some patient testing to get it all right.
It has one oil leak that is a little annoying, I need to get fixed, an odd "clunk" sound in the rear and I have yet to put the dashtop on.  Other than that, I'm calling it finished.
Other than Stuart, I have a multitude of others to thank for their help. Rodney McDonald and Mike Darby especially for the many hours that they put in to this project with me.  Most especially I want to thank my wonderful, patient wife who seemed as excited about the restoration as anyone.  My father, rest his soul, wanted so bad to see the car run and to go for a ride, but I just wasn't able to make it happen before his death in March of this year,  For that I am disappointed, but I'm sure that he was with me yesterday.  There were many other experts that I had met online in forums and such...  Dick Maury, President of JCNA and expert rebuilder at Coventry West, Ray Livingston and Jerry Mouton, widely known as Jaguar E-Type gurus.  The multitude of people that so generously posted pictures and blogs of their restorations and participated in forums online so others could benefit from their experiences.  All of these people deserve huge thanks from me.  A really big THANK YOU to Uryk Dmertyko of E-Type Fabs in Darlington, England for all of his outstanding help support.

On my shakedown ride, I stopped by Rodney's office, interrupted his workday and made him drive my E-Type...  Here is a short video

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